NCWA Writer’s Renewal

I just got home from the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association Renewal conference and I’m still riding that wave of positive feelings.  I went into the weekend hoping for some good contacts and maybe a little bit of advice on how to improve my writing.  Instead, I was blown away by the passion and knowledge of the speakers, the care and interest of the editors and agents, and the interest and encouragement of the other writers.

Of course, I know that those mountaintop experiences never last.  Tomorrow I have to dive back into the world of laundry, dishes, and vacuuming, so I decided to give one last push tonight.  One of the key points I heard this weekend was that every writer needs a blog– even unpublished ones, so here I am to share my journey as a writer.

I received an invitation to send in a proposal for my novel when I complete it.  Previous to the conference, I had very loose plans for working on my revisions, but now, with this request, I have the motivation I need to move.  I hope you will join me as I push through the revisions and into my proposal.


3 thoughts on “NCWA Writer’s Renewal

  1. I wish you all the best as you move toward a bit more formal processes for writing and maybe publishing… You always had a very creative mind. Love you! Mom

    • Dear vanessa as a methor of two u keep fighting for that little girl u are and will always be her methor and if a judge takes her away from u he is the biggest dummy in the world after 2years that child looks at u as her mothe u have gone threw the sleepless nights and teething keep your faith in the lord and pray pray that she will remain in your care cause a methor is not one that can carry and deliver but one that can love and scarifice which it sounds like you have done all those things i will pray for u

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