Costume Failure

As far as costumes go, I “failed” Halloween this year. I wrote last Friday about my failure to get my husband’s costume finished. I also didn’t make the skirt for my own Cinderella (It’s too cold for the short version and it wasn’t recognizable enough). My daughter was the only one who’s costume was exactly what I intended– and that’s because she’s been refusing to let me take pictures of her lately, so I just threw together store-bought items for her. Here’s what we ended up with.

Hubby wore his Prince costume from Snow White. It’s easy to throw on over jeans, and reasonably comfortable while still visually impressive. It’s not Hobbes though. :( The boy was Calvin, but his hair is too long so it wouldn’t spike. And without Hobbes, no one had a clue who he was. He still enjoyed the bounce house. The girl enjoyed her polka dot dress from the thrift store. Her ears from her second birthday party finished off the outfit for a super cute Minnie Mouse. Almost as good as if I had made it myself!

I joined them in a ladybug costume I picked up for 75% off after Halloween last year. Not sure why I bought it, but I figured it might be fun for playing dress up. It was nice to have a costume that I didn’t care about AT ALL. No worrying about keeping it clean or safe.

The kids had a lot of fun, but we almost didn’t make it. I was so tired from staying up making the Calvin costume that I slept until noon. We only caught the last hour of the party. They still got to play games, eat candy, and bounce themselves silly. We’ll be on time next year though…

* * * *

Not only did I run out of time to make my husband’s Hobbes costume before the Fall Festival last Saturday, but I also didn’t get it finished in time for Trick or Treating today. That’s extra sad because he told ALL of his co-workers that he and the boy were going to be Calvin and Hobbes. And it’s the one day of the year that his high security workplace is opened to non-employees (In case you’ve heard me talking about visiting, they have new security rules now that they’re in a new building).

This week has been crazy and I’ve been super stressed out. I didn’t do any sewing. This morning, I made an absolutely pointless attempt at making the costume. After two hours, I saw the light and gave up, switching gears to a plush Hobbes. After all, only Calvin can see Hobbes in action– everyone else sees a toy. So a toy I was determined to give him.

If I had started in on the toy first thing, it might have gone well. Instead, I rushed and had only an hour to make it. This resulted in…

The UGLIEST thing I have ever made!!

And yet, somehow, both kids LOVE that thing. Weird. It is soft though…

Of course, in the attempt to finish the miserable creature, I lost my window to get into my own costume, let alone make the long skirt to make my Cinderella more recognizable. I didn’t even have time to make myself look decent in jeans and a T-shirt. We were 5 minutes past the time we were supposed to leave when I finished sewing. I laughed and said I should just run out the door the way I was– in PJs and my housecoat. So I did. Well, sort of. I put on clean PJs, and a bra. Then I threw a few curlers in my hair for effect. No makeup, no care taken to look even a little less rumpled.

Me dressed as an exhausted and frazzled mom– MYSELF! The other moms at the school LOVED it!!

And we made it to the school just in time to deliver the boy’s costume and new plushie. Of course, the Minnie ears were missing (again) so we threw on a dress and some fairy wings. Good thing my house is FILLED with dress up gear.

Right after school, we headed downtown for trick or treating at Daddy’s work. He was impressed that I was willing to show up in public dressed like that. Whatever. At least my frazzled appearance looked purposeful! The kids got so much candy they refused to carry the bags or collect any more.

We went home and had an hour before it was fully dark. Since I had a little time, I decided to put on something a little less embarrassing. It was FAR too cold out to even consider Cinderella. I figured I’d just put on a formal gown and a tiara and be a princess. But when I opened the closet, I found a dress I made 5 years ago for a theater performance of Three Musketeers. I bought the fabric myself so I could keep the dress, but I had never gotten around to wearing it. Tonight seemed as good a time as any. I threw it on, put my hair up, and did my make-up. Nothing could be further from my earlier costume!

Her Royal Highness is ready to collect some candy from the peasants

My little fairy princess approves.

Calvin and Hobbes are ready to go get more loot.

The costumes didn’t go as planned, and I’m bone weary from the effort, but at least everyone was in a costume. And no one could say we didn’t get enough candy. Between all of us, we got an entire grocery bag of the stuff. I think it weighs about 20 lbs.

So October’s costume chaos is OVER. Now it’s on to November– NaNoWriMo, opening up my Etsy store, and getting ready for Christmas. Someone tell me it’ll be easier than this past month…

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  1. The important thing is that it all worked out in the end and you guys had some great times. Now take a breather and get some rest before the craziness of November commences. :)

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